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LimeChat Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development


Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

    #design with love

    Tools & Technologies I use: WebFlow, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Yoast SEO

    Challenge 01

    Make a web presence for the leader saas-based product company.

    From creating content-rich pages that are both informative and eye-catching to ensuring the design is visually engaging and easy to navigate, I have designed & developed this website with the aim of creating a friendly, engaging experience that resonates with customers and helps convert them into loyal customers.

    Old LimeChat Website

    When I joined LimeChat back in 2021, there was no website in sight. So I decided to take the initiative and designed and developed the first website by myself. It was a challenging project, but I was proud of the finished product

    Discover the look and feel of the former website layout with this PDF document of the old website layout. Now, you can explore the changes brought about by the recent replacement with the most up-to-date version and get a comprehensive overview of the website’s original design.


    Current / New LimeChat Website

    After successfully raising funding, we are now revamping our website and I’m the project owner. In the last few months, I have been working closely with my respective stakeholders to create a professional website with engaging content, compelling visuals, effective user interface (UI), and scalability.

    After months of hard work, we recently launched the website and have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from our clients, partners, and even investors. We are very excited about the potential that this website holds and look forward to continued success.

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